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Private Label Packaging Solutions

We can print logos and customize packaging for your products to differentiate them from your competitors’ products. Our design team will offer you multiple solutions, and our agents will help you find a factory to complete them at a good price.


For plastic, silicon, rubber products

Services currently available at the Department’s Development HUB have been enhanced.


For fabric and leather products

The virtual review software eliminates the need for developers to visit a borough office.


For wood and metal products

Applicants and Owners can review plans and objections alongside their plan examiner virtually.

Why Choose Us Instead of Direct Factories

Flexibility & Lower MOQs

Flexible Lower MOQs provide clients with greater flexibility in managing inventory and testing new products or market segments. It allows for smaller, more frequent orders, reducing the risk of overstocking or tying up capital in excessive inventory.

Fair Price & Multiple Procurement

By leveraging our extensive network and expertise in procurement, we negotiate favorable prices with multiple suppliers, ensuring cost-effectiveness for our clients.
We provide a range of procurement solutions tailored to meet diverse needs.

Value-added Services

In addition to procurement, we offer value-added services such as product customization, packaging design, and supply chain optimization. Our comprehensive solutions add value to your business and enhance overall efficiency.

Comprehensive End-to-End Service

Our logistics solutions cover the entire supply chain, from factory to final destination. We handle all aspects of transportation, including inland transportation, customs clearance, freight forwarding, and last-mile delivery, ensuring a seamless and efficient process from start to finish.

Available For Any Projects

Various Solutions to Package Your Items

Simple Packing Box


Made of ordinary paperboard, these packing boxes can be easily shaped and customized with your logo or other patterns printed inside and outside. They are the most cost-effective packaging option and are widely used for everyday products.

Exquisite Gift Box


These gift boxes are crafted from high-quality cardboard and utilize more complicated printing techniques. They are often used along with inserts made of materials such as EVA, sponge, foam, silk, paper shreds, PVC, or PE, depending on the product. Exquisite gift boxes are commonly used for high-end products like electronics, cosmetics, jewelry, and wine.

Hang Tag & Pack-inserts


Hang tags provide an economical private label solution if you prefer not to directly imprint logos on products like clothing or handbags. Additionally, we can assist you in customizing pack-inserts such as thank-you cards, stickers, or flyers to enhance your eCommerce marketing efforts and improve your customers’ unboxing experience.

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