Brand New Product Development

Many small or medium sellers want to make a new product to get a niche margin and beat their competitors. We are ready to help bring your ideas into reality step by step.


Market Research and Demand Analysis

As a provider of supply chain management services, you likely have close relationships with numerous manufacturers and suppliers.


Quality Control and Product Testing

As an international freight forwarding and import/export company, you have extensive experience and expertise in quality control.


Supply Chain Integration and Collaboration

When developing new products, you can leverage your existing supply chain network and partnerships.


Customization and Personalized Services

As a procurement purchasing service provider, you may have a deep understanding of customer customization requirements.

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Find factories and estimate the cost for your project

We match you with the best factories in China and make a cost breakdown of your product development, including the cost of the prototype, molding, testing, bulk order, packaging, and shipping. We also offer the best advice on crafts, materials, and packaging.

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Build the prototype based on your product ideas

We understand that you have innovative product ideas that you want to bring to life, and we are here to help you turn those ideas into reality. Our team specializes in prototype development, which serves as the initial step in the product development process.

We assist the factory to make a prototype according to your 3D design. Prototype costs as low as $100 and can be completed in 3-7 days.


Customize packaging for your products

You don’t have to find packaging factories and designers yourself. We cooperate with many best-price packaging factories and our in-house designers can help to design your packaging and revise it until you’re satisfied.


Start mass production and arrange shipment

After the samples are perfected, mass production will begin. We will help you follow up on wholesale production and make sure the product quality is good before shipping out of China.


Asia is big, it’s complex, we know that.

By integrating engineering expertise from our various regional offices, we enhance the efficiency of our processes, ensuring a tailored approach for our customers product development needs. The collaborative engineering effort from our various regional offices in Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Mexico, adeptly responds to the dynamically evolving market needs in our fast-paced world, ensuring a globally informed and locally optimized approach.